The ABD through its working groups has developed Policy Recommendations to the IX Summit of the Americas, among which the first one within the pillar on “Strong and Inclusive Democratic Governance”, is the most relevant to the Coalition’s Convergence journey. The document in full is available here.

Implement Good Regulatory Practices (GRPs) to ensure regulatory quality, transparency, and inclusivity, ultimately developing competitive economies and supporting participatory and transparent democracies;
Introduce digital tools to key regulatory systems through the digital tools for rule of law and inclusive recovery (DT4RR) mechanism in collaboration with the private sector and civil society;
Strengthen and modernize public procurement systems;
Encourage the private and public sector to adopt comprehensive integrity mechanisms, including the implementation and periodic review of an effective ethics and compliance program;
Strengthen policies to address inequality and promote inclusive development, including public-private partnerships to foster inclusion of women and people of diverse groups into the workforce across various economic sectors and decision-making roles, ensuring equal job opportunities, conditions, career paths, and fair and ethical talent recruitment processes and management;
Take measures to foster more inclusive trade that benefits MSMEs and women and people of diverse groups.