On 27 October 2021, Mr. Ali M. AL-DALAAN, Chair of Asia/Global Harmonization Working Party (AHWP/GHWP) welcomed the Coalition as a Liaison Member as informed per the letter available here.

At the 25th Annual Meeting of the AHWP/GHWP which took place virtually 30 November and 1 December, the AHWP/GHWP formally rebranded itself as the Global Harmonization Working Party (GHWP) and also unanimously approved the Liaison member status of the Coalition.

We are pleased that the Coalition is representing the Inter-American medtech sector in this global forum and we are hopeful that our contributions, aligned with our vision and mission, will strengthen our abilities advancing the regulatory convergence agenda towards upholding the safety, performance and accessibility of medical technology to the benefit patients around the globe.